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once part of the media speculation "before and after the Spring Festival, tens of thousands of Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises from Pearl River Delta" did not happen. Recently, the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Baoan District and other relevant departments of the survey shows that: before and after the Spring Festival, the Pearl River Delta SME withdrawal or bankruptcy, compared with previous years, there is no great exception. The survey also predicted that in 3-5 years, as long as the country's foreign trade policy did not change much, the phenomenon of a large number of enterprises moving out or bankruptcy would not happen. 19 this month, the Dongguan Municipal Committee, in charge of the work of foreign trade and the deputy mayor Jiang Ling to accept the Yangcheng Evening News reporter confirmed that Dongguan did not appear a large number of enterprises relocation or shut down, the city enterprises to stay close, compared to the situation is often! Jiang Ling is based on: in 2007, Dongguan closed 909 enterprises, relocation enterprises 88, of which moved to 40 outside the city, the relocation of 48 cities. Closure and relocation of less than 1000, accounting for more than 6% of Dongguan's processing trade enterprises, and 30 years of historical comparison, and not much change. According to statistics, from 1978 to 2007, Dongguan approved a total of 37376 enterprises of processing trade, currently still in operation 15053, the cumulative termination of 22323, if 10 years ago "life and death" are not words, after 20 years the average is about 1000 per year. the same judgment also appears relatively concentrated in the processing enterprises of Shenzhen city Baoan District District Trade and Industry Bureau, the official told reporters: 2007 Baoan District relocation company 149, revoked the cancellation of 392 enterprises, is the average range. Foreign Trade Department of the special investigation group of recent research in the Pearl River D Cheap jordans online elta cities as a result of foreign invested enterprises in the province in 2007 revoked canceled 3913, less than two years ago 200-300, the relocation of foreign investment and processing enterprises only 244, planning to move out of 28. Zhong Jianhui, deputy director of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, told our newspaper reporters that the relocation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Pearl River Delta is mostly in the East, West, flanks, and mountain areas of Guangdong. will there be a big shift in business later this year or in the years to come According to a survey in Baoan District, there are 31 companies planned to relocate in the next 5 years. A recent survey conducted by Dongguan in Hong Kong and Taiwan shows that most companies are unlikely to leave Dongguan in the next 3-5 years. in fact, as early as the early 90 century, Shenzhen has a lot of processing enterprises transferred to Dongguan, and then there have been a number of Taiwan funded enterprises in Dongguan transferred to the Yangtze River delta. 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Iraq "way out" On Wednesday afternoon, the radio transmission of the uproar in Iraq but also participate in the Beijing Olympic Games news reporter in the event of repeated "busy", finally called the Xu Zhihua phone. He remained calm tone in a minute with joy, I do not know what joy is and can continue to sponsor Iraq, or "events in Iraq," the public relations effect. "We are very pleased to hear this news, even if only two of Iraq to participate, we will continue to support their participation in the Beijing Olympic Games sponsor." Xu Zhihua said on the phone. Because of special historical reasons, the situation in Iraq affects the hearts of people around the world. From a marketing point of view, Iraq is able to attract "eyeballs" of the country, while Iraq play in Beijing itself is very valuable marketing event, Xu Zhihua at the signing at the beginning of this very clear. Even in the event of suspension, brought to Iraq has also been fully recognized Xu Zhihua, had "played a role, pocketed the eye." July 25, Netease commercial channel anno new jordans shoes for sale unced that Iraq was officially announced the cancellation of Beijing Olympic Games to qualify. Heard the news, reporters are shocked, more coincidentally, Iraq's Olympic Committee sponsor, Peak Group General Manager Xu Zhihua, just about reporters met that night. The news, let reporters looking forward to this meeting. just a meeting, impatient reporter first question will be thrown out of Iraq just get banned messages. "is not lost." This is the answer to a reporter Xu Zhihua first sentence, then he will be very familiar to talk about the Olympic other Olympic marketing program. Indeed, since last August 10 Peak Group officially announced its sponsorship of Iraq, has aroused widespread concern, Olympic Olympic marketing strategy differentiated interpretations, new market development road and so caused the praise of the industry, it has been "pocketed the eye." Sponsorship 40,000 volunteers Hua Xu's father Xu Jing Nan has admitted, would have been the representative of the Iraqi team does not expect to have much of a selling point in the game, mainly Chinese and the Olympic opening ceremony and parade in overseas sales plans, such as the Olympic product already Iraq has entered the market, therefore, in addition to the Olympic program sponsored Iraqi delegation, Cyprus, the most important weight is brought to 40,000 Olympic volunteers. "I will go to the Olympics, then, to see outside the crowded Olympic Games volunteers, I feel definitely very excited, because there are 40,000 volunteers will wear uniform Olympic logo printed on clothing, that Olympic marketing is our focus. "Xu Zhihua said happily to the reporter, Pick red LOGO also will work with the Beijing Olympic Games, as imprinted in people's minds. Pick weird one hundred at the Olympic Games, dazzling. To expand overseas markets, also sponsored the Olympic Cyprus Olympic Committee, during the Beijing Olympic Games, Xu Zhihua dealers will accompany Cyprus to the scene to cheer for the athletes Cyprus. In recent years, the pace of internationalization of the Olympic brand steadily, overseas sales frequently achievements Cyprus market is an important part of the Olympic overseas sales network. Cyprus Olympic Committee sponsor except temptation Beijing Olympics, more important purpose is to seize Xu Zhihua local sporting goods market. ?? dialogue Xu Zhihua: With the Olympics to expand overseas markets brought to Iraq, Cyprus to join the dealer to see the Olympics, the Olympic Games in marketing continue to create a miracle, "the Olympic Games is a national brand to the world of opportunity," Pick general manager Xu Zhihua mentioned several times in the interview. So, Pick in terms of overseas expansion will have any plans? In particular positioning next Olympic basketball professional sports what action? "Jinjiang Economic News": Peak current situation in overseas sales how? What specific recent overseas expansion plans? Hua Xu: Pick currently has stores in more than 100 foreign countries, all the way to the chain's presence in Europe, South America, selling well; in South-East Asia, through the Philippines agents each year through mail order direct way, a year can be sold more than 100 million pairs of shoes. After the Olympics, at the end of this year we plan to enter the North American market early next year. "Jinjiang Economic News": in the Olympic marketing, Peak because Iraq maintained a high degree of exposure, then the next what will attract the eye of action? Xu Zhihua: China currently has more than 300 million basketball fans, basketball is China's largest sports, Olympic has always adhere to professional basketball's positioning, emphasizing the concept of professional basketball, we will further strengthen cooperation with Olympic NBA. Currently, Peak is also being approached with a number of NBA star brokers. 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