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according to the Wenzhou shoe industry association data show that last year the number of shoe-making enterprises in Wenzhou did not decrease, only from October to December increased by 28. last year called the Wenzhou shoe industry "an eventful year", many shoe boss involved businesses shut down, "run away", malicious events. However, in 2011, the quantity, annual output value and export volume of footwear enterprises in Wenzhou increased by an average of more than the previous year. According to the deputy director of Chinese Leather Association long, Wenzhou Shoe Industry Association executive president Xie Rongfang introduced, according to the information of the tax department, as of the end of last year, Wenzhou footwear enterprises only reached 2616, compared with October, increased by 28. Last year, the annual output value of the footwear industry in Wenzhou was 83 billion yuan, up 6.41% over the same period of last year; 78 billion last year, Wenzhou's footwear exports amounted to US $4 billion 723 million, an increase of 26.28% over the same period of last year's 3 billion 740 million US dollars. it is understood that in recent years, Wenzhou shoe enterprises in the enterprise scale, brand awareness and other aspects of the greater promotion. From the shoe to the leather shoes, AOKANG, Kangnai, red dragonfly, spider, day Thailand, mudskipper and other brands, has been formed with domestic well-known "Wenzhou brand group"; from the shoe enterprises mainly to shoes, Josini, Ke, Mingtien, Wong Mei Kafu, Juri and a large number of brand sho buy cheap jordans online es in Wenzhou and reputation in the domestic market; from the export perspective, Kinde, Dongyi, Charlie, a Wenzhou shoe enterprises have outstanding performance, many shoe enterprises with annual output value of 1 billion yuan. (editor in chief: Qiu AI)Time: 2007-01-30 09:47 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association Click: Recently, an online survey of Austria "courier" published: Austria woman year average purchase 5.8 pairs of shoes; the number of men's average annual purchase of 3.4 pairs of shoes. Survey shows that the consumption of footwear brand has little effect on the customers, consumers mainly focus on the footwear and apparel fit degree, interest rate accounted for 80.4%; the foot comfort and interest rate as high as 74.7%. Meanwhile, to , a recent online survey by the Austria messenger newspaper shows that women in Austria average 5.8 pairs of shoes per year; men buy 3.4 pairs of shoes on an average yearly basis. survey shows that consumption of footwear brand has little effect on the customers, consumers mainly focus on the footwear and apparel fit degree, interest rate accounted for 80.4%; the foot comfort and interest rate as high as 74.7%. At the same time, the footwear cost performance ratio has reached 64.3%. Austria consumer acceptance of the daily wear footwear prices, the average price of 75 euros for the men's shoes for 61 euros. 30% of consumers often regret buying high priced shoes. Austria consumers have footwearNike Kobe11 Elite Low "GCR" landing Nike official website selling 2016-07-18 jordans on sale mens 12:11:36 although this pair of Nike Kobe11 Elite Low "GCR" has already sold in the entity store of some domestic cities, but the Nike China official website has not been moved yet. Today, the official website of the official shelves of the shoes, shoes to classic black and white as the keynote, details of the golden, let it emit elegant luxury sense. The shoes in the official website and complete size range, 1599RMB pricing, model 885869-070, all interested friends can take a look. Lace Cadence drying out Air Jordan 6 "SharkFace Gang" 2014-10-21 11:35:18Does remember the two pairs of Air Jordan 6 exclusive shoes made by American singer Macklemore? At the moment that he became very busy, many people are attracted to. But it certainly doesn't include his good friend, Lace Cadence, who is also a musician, because he also received these two poles for rare sneakers. Shoes with shark head, highlighting the theme of shoes, according to rumors, Jordan Brand only created 23 pairs of this series of shoes, enough to see its rarity. Rick Owens in Paris Fashion Week earlier on the topic can be a lot, in addition to clothing, the catwalk during a model more sudden protest, the consequences of doing so on the catwalk, it is ushered Rick Owens fist pain. Recently Rick Owens in "SURFACE" interview also responded to the matter, he said was very angry, if they do not immediately respond to the matter, people probably think it was a catwalk event hype, This is his acting style is too much conflict, so he must do something immediately to clarify the incident. cheap foamposites Related interviews, you are interested friends can visit "SURFACE" the official website to watch.air Jordan 1 for the meaning of Sneaker has gone far beyond the scope of a pair of shoes, since its birth so far, he has derived numerous topics, has also been the focus of our talk about talking about. In 2012, the new season of Air Jordan 1 Mid color shoes came before us again, four Qi battle scene is enough to satisfy the discerning crowd, high quality leather shoes material processing, will still make this pair of long history of the classic works of quality reduction. As of today the Sneaker circle is the most active brand, Jordan Brand has been in the interpretation of subsequent works legendary works for us, as the legend begins Air Jordan 1 the appeal is not Sneaker fans can not resist, let us wait for the city on the four double color! Source: Jordan has more than once expressed in public AJ 11 love, this is the most perfect Sneaker history of shoes, has become the favorite of countless collectors. When Jordan already can not wait to put on the AJ 11 game but then Jordan on foot is just one of the Sample, so that when the Jordan switched back to the number 23 Jersey, air jordan XI in the heel still embroidered with No. 45. The story later brought a huge impact, and countless Sneaker fans were desperate to find a pair of Air Jordan XI with 45 embroidered numbers on heels. Now, some people began to auction this year when Jordan in the playoffs against Orlando on foot of the Air Jordan XI "Space Jam Sample" on eBay, shoes with Jordan's signature Cheap foamposites for sale , meaning it is self-evident. Such ruthless goods who do not want, but the price is certainly astronomical, we have to go through this set of pictures to quench thirst! Source:recently appeared on the eBay LeBron 10 "Cork", the price of up to $5999.99, staggering. But looking closely at the pictures, I found that this is a super limited edition of 21mecer limited 21 pairs in New York. Exquisite packaging, inspirational "Earned Not Given" slogan plus exquisite collection card for this pair of shoes of value doubled. Nike Killshot II was officially launched in 80s and became one of the most popular street shoes. NIKE recently put this classic remake again launched three new color copy of the shoes. Three shoes uppers are used to design style suede and leather mix, collocation white vulcanization bottom, black, white and red / Blue / Green / White / gray three color color, the design is quite simple, not simple shoes will be your hobby?Before the close relationship between the American Japanese artist Taka Hayashi, and Vans can be traced back to ten years, because of the extremely good at Indian national style design, ten years before Vans invited him to participate in the Vans Syndicate second joint projects. Taka Hayashi then laid the status, some people say: the design of Taka Hayashi will be some timeless classic shoes to a new height. After Taka Hayashi joined Vans Vault high-end regional team, has become one of the shoe designers, and other people are different, Taka Hayashi has its own independent joint series, this is the Taka Haya cheap air jordans shi x Vans Vault, you can see the joint figure in almost every season. Taka Hayashi Vans Vault and now again for the upcoming 2016 season launched joint series. Including three double Sk8-Hi Court Hi LX style shoes were collocation in red, dark blue and black out; also help Court Lo Strap LX low iconic Velcro design, simple Velcro on both sides, with folk style patterns, blue and white, brown and white two kinds of color, which corresponds to the brown high has been launched in spring 2015. In the help of shoes Chukka LX from Chukka Nomad Boot, this is a pair of nomadic style shoes (Nomad), adding details on the laces and shoe etc., followed by the use of horsehair embellishment, black, dark brown, light brown three colors to choose from. Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault 2016 holiday season joint interview with asks: Taka Hayashi x Vans joint inspiration Vault 2016 holiday season is come from? TH: I'm from the last century and the 90s outdoor vintage sports wind found this season joint inspiration. I want to be a neutral color and some main colors all into this series, let it become a unique and perfect joint series. : you ask where to collect folk songs, this season joint inspiration? TH: prepare the joint when I think to find inspiration from the outdoors and open areas. So I went to the California coast, and stopped at Venice Beach, Morro Bay, Suhl, Ojai and Berkeley etc.. asked: how do you choose for branded shoes design fabrics and patterns? TH: I will design some unique shoes before I use this paragraph to fight the details Vans 50th anniversary as a special commemorative joint in a series of important, Robert Williams and Vans Vault this season from a jointly launched by the widespread attention, after all, Robert Williams as the master of art, not only created a new field of her art ", the development of modern art has not be underestimated the effect of soil, and the creation of the" Juxtapoz "Journal of modern art is the best. local time today (July 23rd), the Robert Williams x Vans? Vault joint series immediately on sale, we also bring this before offering a detailed view finally. This series includes three pairs of "rare classic shoes", respectively is 38 Decon? Sk8-Hi LX, Authentic LX and 44 Reissue Slip-On 98 Reissue LX?. According to our previous interview, the Vans team of designers chose three paintings from Robert Williams last year's exhibition: "Flaming Cobras", "Malfeasance", "Jalape? A" as the source of the joint design of shoes. Three pairs of shoes is the biggest feature of translucent crystal through the sole bottom, you can clearly see the printed on the bottom of the painting pattern. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (88) share to micro-blogNike LeBron 11 EXT & quot; King's Crown & quot; exposure 2014-04-03 15:39:54 & nbsp; yesterday, it brings What the LeBron 11 uses up to 28 kinds of elements, but did not use any of the elements of a EXT series. Nike LeBron 11 EXT & quot upcoming sale; King's Crown & quot; color successfully remind everyone EXT series has not been forgotten. Shiny design with suede and leather uppers materials, extensive use of gold elements fit & quot; Crown King's & quot; topic currently has no detailed information on sale, like a friend, please be patient. & nbsp; Nike LeBron 11 EXT & quot; King's Crown & quot; Num: 677693-001 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Vans California Authentic "Distressed Leather" series 2013-12-09 00:05:03 Vans skateboard brand's senior regional Vans California recently introduced a Authentic "Distressed Leather" shoes series, series with its classic model Vans Authentic Decon CA modeled starting to build high-quality leather shoes, great white Also on the bottom into a deal with the old, making this series a more intense street sense. The series has a total of beige, black and red wine three different versions, like friends can look, the series is now on sale in major Vans counter. Nike Free OG '14 new color commercial information 2014-09-16 12:04:00 Nike recently for its classic running shoes Free OG'14 introduced a new color this pair, shoes with brown suede material to build, after special treatment to effect Tortoise presentation, black Swoosh embellishment on the vamp enhanced color contrast uppers sense, finally equipped comfortable Free outsole, which currently double new color Nike & nbsp; Free OG'14 already available in some online store, priced at 125 euros, like a friend look at it. & nbsp; Shawn on foot Nike KD6 2013-12-08 23:27:40 Today, Nike Basketball Kevin Durant officially launched a revolutionary new shoes Nike KD6, and for the first time, Shawn will be in the personal Instagram drying out the latest pictures on foot. And note the word "Super Low Cut", Arab music I love shoes to help low, it seems that this is very close KD6 its taste ah. It is reported that this color of KD6 starting from July 3 sale.APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! You go to Adidas confirmed app Yeezy qiangbai yesterday afternoon? anyway, Xiao Bian doesn't even play that app software, and has been in the state of network connection. isn't that a big deal? What the hell? and in small for white Yeezy and did not grab the grief, the Chinese shoe dealer Allen; Kuo Instagram; again in the sun on the amount has not yet formally complete YEEZY 350; V2 BOOST "Cream White" (the color pants wearing CALABASAS), although the outflow or take the lead and many people like Allen Kuo, but this has a mass of large goods and so high-profile, should do not have a few! Who is his supplier is still a mystery, but he looks at the picture of the shoebox behind his previous post. 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